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In 1960, SIGFRIDO SCHUSTER started to produce tables and magazine files at the back of his house. His creations were very successful and he decided to build a small factory in the neighbourhood.

He started to create steal beds for kids since the only option at the time were wood ones. He rapidly got a good response in a marketplace because of his production's quality and design. Years went by slowly developing his business until 1970 when he finished building his 380m 2 factory.

At the time he was solidly working on several series of steal beds with original colours and design. In 1995, his workspace was not big enough for his production and he moved to a 2500m 2 warehouse equiped with modern machines and started producing all sorts of metal furniture both hand crafted and series.

Nowadays at SIGFRIDO SCHUSTER we still treat our clients with the same dedication, on the bases of care and respect.


Fabrica, showroom y ventas. - Santiago del Estero 1675, Tigre, CP (1648),  Buenos Aires - Tel: +54 11 4749 2863
Fax: +54 11 4749 2863 - E-mail: info@camaschuster.com.ar